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Furries in OK Flavor

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I just came across this article about furries and how our sexual preferences seem kinky to mundanes. Seems to take a similar view as the imfamous Vanity Fair article.

Warning! Many of the images and animations linked to by the article are explicit.



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Klingon Nerd VS Real life furry Gulf War vet still working for the US military?


Not really a bad article other than that.

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Once again this article assumes that all furs are into fursuiting, which we are not, and that all furs are male, which we are not. It's too focused on the sexual aspects of furry. However, at least it recognizes that the more deviant sexual practices of some furs are in the minority, and that there are other members of the fandom who do not like nor tolerate such behavior.

When oh when will the media stop portraying furry as a bunch of oversexed weirdos in tiger suits?

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How can you blame them when people post things like this news item to 'furry' websites and such claiming that its 'our' fetishes.

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Sadly, its your very responce that demonstrates why there are articles like this.

Its not 'our sexual preferences', its your ones. If people stoped insisting they represented the whole of that thing called 'Furry', then there would have been no problem.

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The good: They make clear distinctions between your general furry (no distinction made between fursuiters and the rest of us, but then that is the more visual thing non-furs are likely to focus on as a flag mark of the bizarre), the yiffy side, and the plushophile side. Yay for the proliferation of the perception of diversity!

The bad: Well, bad IMHO anyway, they see Burned Fur as a good thing. O-kaaaaaaay. It'd be worse for them to think that we're all clones of Foxwolfie Galen, as has often been assumed, so I guess I can't complain that much. ^_^

The ugly: Most of the juicy external links are dead. :p

And... I wasn't linked to once as an example of a pervert. Damn, I must be slipping. ;D *rofl*

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Oooh, another horde of gutless online dinks, spending their entire lives hiding out in mom & dad's basement, who decide they can't stand furries and tell everyone 'what FREAKS they are!'

Ge, if I actually gave a damn about their opinion, I might actually be bothered by this. That is, if I didn't have a life in the real world.

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Betya 75% of the hits on that website today were furries looking to see what was said. You should have seen what was said about David Hasselhoff... hehehe...

Otherwise, it's just another slanted and a poor reporting job to get site viewers. No real research, just hack, slash and link. Furverts, burned fur, plushophiles... heh... I'm more worried about what to have for lunch today.

Grace and Peace - Camstone Fox

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And amen to that.

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Ehhhhhhh, What can I say? It's sad... It's sad that people acctualy make money by writting this low-class shit...

The stereotype of a average furry is just awful.

All I can say is that I'm a furry in every inch and I will be till my death, no matter what those so-called "respected reporters" or "normal people" call me.

White Lion

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Amen to that


Tlaren }:=8}

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It's a pity that we all have to suffer a report like that, what with the inflammatory language deliberately marking furs as "disturbing" and as all-male "awkward loners." Looking at the news links posted, though, the site seems poised towards people who like to be immature and point and laugh at everything outside their normal, clean-cut worlds, though. I think this'll be a short-lived site. Just read their FAQ.

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Fixed Link

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