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Flayrah Syndicated!

Edited by GreenReaper as of Sat 25 Jan 2014 - 23:12
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Flayrah has been syndicated!

Well, kind of. If you're on Sociopolitical Ramifications MUCK or Here Lie Monsters MUCK, you'll find a dot-net channel dedicated to furry news updates.

(Read the rest of this article for more details...)

From Aureth: This is news even to me. I do encourage syndication of Flayrah content, as long as it is clearly noted that the content originates from

Included with the updates are headlines and links to articles from, LJ Furrtive and more. Every other hour you'll also receive a list of furry artists with updates on the VCL archive.

To see future updates as you MUCK, just hop onto SPR or Here Lie Monsters and type ". news #on" - that's dot-space-"news #on".

If you like it, don't forget to page #mail your thanks to Natasha for the schweet schweet feature! :)


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Now Aureth just has to wrench on the site's scripts so that we can read Flayrah off AvantGo again. :)

"We use them for divine retribution."

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