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How much is that dead toad in the window?

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The City of San Fransisco thinks sick, dead and rotting animals in the two SF area stores are enough reason to bar Petco from doing business there anymore.
Alerted by numerous customer complaints, they discovered starving animals, sick animals and animals dead or dying in too hot cages, including a toad that appeared to have boiled to death in its own water.


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I'm not suprised. Petco has long had an unsavory (at best) reputation among small animal owners. They treat their stock like disposable merchandise.

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I can second that. My aunt used to frequent the store often and told me she stopped when she saw sick and dying animals before her eyes and was told by the clerk not to "bother them"... her question to the clerk was why weren't they taking the animals to the vet?

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what was their answer, that they couldn't afford to?

Scary stuff...

Tlaren }:=8}

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My goodness... banning them from doing business is not going far enough by far. These guys should be sued, to say the least.

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