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The perfect "Retirement House Warming" gift

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This article in The Sun gives a glimpse into the cold harsh future of elderly care. Robot kitties in Japan are programmed to recieve and speak voice and text messages, and engage Gramma in clever word games. Sorta takes the guilt off of leaving them in a nursing home. We hope.


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You know, the more I see of how most folks today plan to take care of their elderly relations, the more proud I am of the fact that I & my family have collectively sworn to NEVER dump our aunts, uncles, and parents (those remaining) off at the 'Happy Hills Retirement Camp'. Yes, it can get difficult, but we plan to let our relatives have some independence (and pride) to the very end.

Of course, if you knew anything about what PA retirement homes often look like, you wouldn't wonder at my reluctance to trust those people with my family...


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