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CACE Programming Announcement

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Less than three weeks to go until CACE! There are lots of reasons for you to attend CACE - for example, you can wield your powerful US dollar with impunity. (Canadian residents will be happy to hear that CACE will be accepting Canadian currency at par!) But if that's not reason enough, we have some excellent classes and programming lined up this year. Here is a sample to whet your appetite.
Artists have a lot to look forward to in the CACE program lineup. Local professional artist Mary Moore will be giving a class on colour and colour theory, demonstrating basic colouring techniques and usage tips. Yves Larocque, an Ottawa School of Art instructor, will teach an introduction to perspective drawing - a must for any artist. Also an Ottawa School of Art instructor, Andrew Fay will present an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to advance their drawing skills: life drawing. This will be a 90 minute class on drawing the human figure, complete with a professional life drawing model. (Eighteen and over only, please.)

But wait, there's more! Shawntae Howard, the creator and artist of Extinctioners, will give a workshop on how to draw anthropomorphic creatures. An illustrator and designer in the gaming industry, Scott Ruggels will provide instruction in two classes. First, learn inking techniques in a step-by-step demonstration. Mr. Ruggels will also discuss supplies, techniques, line weights, and indicating a light source. Second, get an introduction to 3-D animation design and rendering - from the design stage to the final presentation. Attendees will receive 3-D software so that they can try out what they learned at home.

What, you want more? Ok, how about an introduction to Flash animation, taught by Mark Langille? This class will present the Flash software package, and demonstrate how to make your own animated movies. Perhaps you'd prefer a chance to improve your skills at drawing weapons. Certified weapons instructor Marc Lacourciere will provide attendees a chance to sketch a wide range of firearms and non-mechanical weaponry, along with explanations of their design.

Not an artist? Do you prefer writing to drawing? CACE will have several panels of interest to writers, including a panel on world building, taught by Pieter Van Hiel and Ted MacKinnon. Maybe you feel more comfortable on stage than behind a light table. Award-winning costumer Loopy will present an introduction to making your own costume, from coming up with a design to carrying out your plans.

Don't forget about the Iron Artist competition, and the Writing contest! Wait, wait, there's more... Over twenty hours of programming that I haven't listed - too much to list here! The complete schedule can be seen at and is available in HTML or PDF formats.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them on our message board, or email me directly at

Sarah "Atara" Braun
CACE Programming Director


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