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ConiFur Has a New Hotel!

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Good news! Great news, in fact! ConiFur is moving, but only just a few miles down the road to a new hotel. We are very pleased to announce that we will be in the Sheraton Tacoma (, located in Tacoma, Washington. The dates are still October 4th-6th, so come on out and visit the great Pacific Northwest!Why are we moving? It's a strange story, but a simple one. The previous hotel, the Best Western Executive Inn, was operated by one party whose lease on the property ended on July 31st. They chose not to renew it and the hotel did not have a replacement operation group to run the hotel beyond that date. As such, they were forced to cancel all events at the hotel until such time as they are able to reopen. Unfortunately, our event was among those events displaced. We have spent the last couple of weeks scurrying around to find a replacement hotel and have found one in the Sheraton Tacoma. It's much nicer than what we had before and could be a great place for ConiFur for years to come.

Check out this lovely hotel at:

Open the flood gates and start those reservations coming in!

There are a few things you should know though:

If you had reservations at the Best Western Executive Inn, they were cancelled by the hotel. You should not be charged by the BWEI on your card, but double check your monthly bill just to be sure. You will need to make new reservations at the Sheraton at: 253-591-4142. IMPORTANT! Mention ConiFur when making your reservations to get the special low convention rate.

If you are making new reservations, call the Sheraton directly at: 253-591-4142. If you call the national line, you may not get the low convention rate.

The room rates for the new hotel are...... the same! These rooms that usually go for $199-$299 per night for walkin guests are now available to ConiFur Members for the low rate of $79 per night for a double room. That's right, $79. And it's only $10 per person extra for more than two people in the room. That's a bargain, so why not reserve two rooms? Or a dozen? Buy an entire floor!

Parking: The Sheraton Tacoma is located in downtown Tacoma and parking is a bit limited. There are parking garages around the facility that range from $3/day to $12/day. The hotel itself charges $12 for guests, but for a tiny bit more, $15 will get you valet parking. All hotel parking has IN/OUT priveleges so you only pay once for the day and are guaranteed that space will be there for you when you get back. ATTENTION HANDICAPPED MEMBERS: Ground floor access is only available in the parking lot on the lower level, so make sure you use that one.

The Dealer's Den is open for business. We have a few tables left, so get your table now before they are gone. At $50 each, they are a bargain. You might even want to get two. We should have a map available in the near future for table placement options. Contact us at: for more information.

Matt Romanek (Shandower) is busy working on the layouts for the new space and should be contacting artists and agents about the Art Show. There's space left so now is an ideal time to reserve your panels in the Art Show. Contact him directly at :

Furry Pictionary is returning to ConiFur! Will the boys win or will the girls retain their title as champions? Find out Friday night as the pens and ideas fly fast and furious as the audience tries to guess just what the heck the artists are drawing.

Masquerade: Last year's masquerade was a great success and we hear there are a whole new crop of costumes waiting to be shown off at ConiFur. Check out these latest creations on Saturday night.

Ice Cream Social: Friday night after Pictionary, cool off with a bowl of ice cream with your choice of toppings. What do you like on yours?

Cartoons and Cereal: It's Saturday morning, you're sleepy, but it's time for.... cartoons! Come on down to the Event Theatre on Saturday morning in your pajamas to watch silly toons on TV and chow down on your favorite sugary cereals. Extra points for those with feet on their PJ's!

Dance: Another interesting dance should be happening late Saturday night. The DJ's are working hard now on the lineup and it's energetic to be sure. We're not sure anyone will be left standing at the end, but here's your chance to find out!

That's it this time, but we'll be sending out more information as it happens. ConiFur is a GO!

ConiFur NorthWest
October 4th-6th, 2002
Tacoma, WA


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I would just like to take this opportunity to say...


Or, perhaps more appropriately,


Now I just have to get a reservation.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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