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Del Rey Online Writers Workshop

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From over on the news site, here's an online workshop for the writers among us...

Del Rey Revives Web Workshop

Del Rey Books launched the newly enhanced Del Rey Digital Writing Workshop, an online service to nurture new writers of fantasy and science fiction. Growing out of its first online workshop, which ran from March 1999 to September 2000, the new workshop offers a new interface and more resources for aspiring writers and reviewers.

The free service offers writers a place to receive constructive feedback and a venue to post original works, to which they will retain their rights. Once a month, the Del Rey Digital Editorial Board--made up of Del Rey editors and writers--will select the most promising three submissions from the categories of science fiction novel, fantasy novel and short story, and highlight them as editors' choices.

Twice a year, the editors' choices in the categories of science fiction and fantasy novel will be showcased on the site. Readers will be invited to vote for their favorites, and winners in each category will be offered the chance to have their novels published as original Del Rey e-Books.


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