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From: Dwight J. Dutton (
Subject: You can buy Huzzah! direct from us again

Since Roz & I will not be represented at another convention for almost a
half a year, we finally set up the "e-commerce" site.

This was mainly to make the various books that Roz Gibson has put out
available, as they are not carried by rabbit valley or any other
distributor. As a side effect can now once again get issues of Huzzah!
directly from us on the same site, as well as some other things that will
vary from time to time. I'm still not doing subscriptions for now.

Don't look for a fancy website at , - it's just an
Ebay store. Why reinvent the wheel? Besides, I have to concentrate on
what's *in* it.

We are also playing around with a cafe press store at but we don't have much in it yet, I have to track
down all the cover artists to get permission as the original agreement
didn't include doing anything like this with the covers. But so far all the
ones I've heard from have liked the idea, especially since they get to keep
all the money.


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