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Animal drop off box 'invented' by vet

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A vet in Germany has created a special drop off flap at his office for people who don't want their pets anymore to get rid of them with anonymity. The flap leads to a plush box, which is then opened by the vet, who will vaccinate and adopt out the animal without ever having seen the owner.
As scummy as the sort of people USING this box might come across as, there is definatly a need, as often pets are simply left at the side of the road to avoid dealing with an animal shelter. Strangly enough, a nunnery and orphanage in Brazil has a similar drop off box... for unwanted babies.


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Unfortunately, I can see this all too easily, as many people are quick to make judgements of someone unable to keep a pet any longer.
And some well meaning animal lovers can be very unpleasant to anyone who is giving up a pet for any reason.
Whether it is deserved, or not.
This device is pretty much an extension of the orphan drop that has been used in europe for centuries.
(The alternative to its existance has been mentioned already..)

I would prefer to see this, as it is an alternative to what a lot of folks will do if it doesn't exist.
Such as dump animals on lonely roads, or leave them in parks or other places on the theory that they'll be better off.
Some shelters in the western states do have after hours drop cages, and those have saved many animals from an unpleasant fate.

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I agree with anonymous. Yes, no one should /ever/ agree to raise an animal unless they know what it will involve, but unfortunately some folks are foolish or careless. If this saves some poor critter from a nasty end, it's worth it.


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