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February 2001

New Online Comic

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I recently stumbled across a promising-looking comic strip called Spellshocked. It's just getting off the ground, but I'm hooked already. A quarter-dragon named Fendrian has just arrived at the magician's school Featherglass academy, and has met his roommate - an enthusiastic fox named Johan. New strips appear on the first and fifteenth of the month by Benjamin Yackley, Charles Caffrey and Mark Freid.

Gordon R. Dickson died February 2

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The Science Fiction Writers of America reports that Gordon R. Dickson, three-time Hugo award winning author of the Dragon Knight series, died on the morning of February 2 after a long illness.

FC2001 Attendance

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While we won't have the final numbers for a couple of weeks yet, the preliminary attendance numbers at FC2001 were between 1098 and 1110 paid registrations, with slightly more than that bodies on site. Thats up from 981 last year.

We'll hopefully have a full final report in a couple weeks after we get the artshow checks out and things more wrapped up.

My favorite online furry comic is:

Kevin & Kell
9% (16 votes)
Suburban Jungle
2% (4 votes)
A Doemain of Our Own
2% (4 votes)
13% (24 votes)
The Class Menagerie
5% (9 votes)
Ozy And Millie
18% (34 votes)
West Corner of the Park
2% (3 votes)
Sabrina Online
16% (30 votes)
All of the above
6% (12 votes)
A comic not listed
27% (51 votes)
Votes: 187

Anthrocon announces charity beneficiary

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Brian Harris announced that the next Anthrocon charity auction will benefit the Reins of Life Program. The full announcement appears below.

Anthrocon announces Masquerade details

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Brian Harris announced that update masquerade rules and details are available at the Anthrocon website. The full announcement appears below.

Wolves of Yellowstone

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If you're interested in how the wolf population at Yellowstone National Park is faring, the Total Yellowstone Page has a pretty extensive wolf section

Furry Spring Break -- Progress Report #4

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Hey, folks! Time once again to bring you up to date on what's happening at Furry Spring Break.

Furry Spring Break will be held March 2-4, 2001, at the Ramada Conference Center and Resort, 7400 International Drive in scenic Orlando, Florida. Our Guest of Honor is Phil Morrissey, whose
brilliant work frequently graces the covers of Furrlough and Genus.

Mice Comics

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You know what? I'll bet you want to be amused by Mice Comics. Sure you do. Mary Minch says you do, so go check it out.

Zen Online Comic

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I found Journey to the West by accident. It's a daily online strip in color about... well, a zen coyote, a fox who's a cross between Agent Scully and Lara Croft, an alien and his Siamese wife and a bigfoot. Oh, and the Men in Black. It's funny, but in a Zen sort of way, and some strips are little exercises in meditation. Additionally, it's drawn in a very artistic style. Much fun, and very unusual. Check it out!

Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons

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One of Cordwainer Smith's stories, Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons, is available online. Smith is one of the great classic authors of science fiction and is highly recommended. If you haven't read any of his stories, this is as good a place as any to start.

Giant Rhinestone-Encrusted Fish Invade Baltimore

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From the Baltimore Sun: 'There's something fishy going on in Baltimore.

The city plans to mount 200 rainbow-colored, rhinestone-encrusted fish statues this spring on busy downtown street corners to boost local morale and reel in tourists.'