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Anthrocon announces charity beneficiary

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Brian Harris announced that the next Anthrocon charity auction will benefit the Reins of Life Program. The full announcement appears below.

Anthrocon 2001 is coming soon! The charity for Anthrocon 2001 is the Reins of Life Program ( You can read more about it on the Charity Auction FAQ on the Anthrocon website ( in the Policies & Docs section or by checking the info request box for the Charity Auction when registering for Anthrocon 2001 online at the Anthrocon 2001 webpage. If you would like to participate by donating merchandise, artwork, or legal services to the Anthrocon Charity Auction, follow the steps below:

1. Visit Anthrocon 2001's homepage for convention details ( Brand new webpage! Online Registration!

2. Review the latest draft of the Anthrocon 2001 Charity Auction rules and regulations on the Anthrocon webpage in the Policies & Docs section. You can also view the FAQ at the web address listen above.

3. Contact me at to confirm your participation or to sign onto the informational mailing list.

Once signed up, you will be added to a mail list which will receive information about the Charity Auction up through contime, how to donate, and how the Charity Auction will work.

If you have any questions about the Anthrocon 2001 Charity Auction, you can also send them to for a prompt reply.

Hope to hear from you!

- Brian


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