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October 2007

Furry Connection North 2008 opens registration

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Furry Connection North

Furry Connection North - Michigan's first furry convention, to be held next April 11-13 in Ann Arbor - has opened registration.[1][2]

Promised attractions include a disco, laser show, "make-your-own-programming" room, and appearances by 2 the Ranting Gryphon and Uncle Kage.[1] Latin Vixen, co-owner of mascot maker MixedCandy, is slated as the Guest of Honor.[3]

Registration before March 11 costs $25, or $50 for "Pimp" (sponsor) status, which comes with access to the con suite, free beer[4] and "a few special gifts."[5] Hotel reservations are not yet available, but a room rate of $67/$75 for King/Double rooms is advertised, along with free wireless Internet and breakfast.[1]

Fur Affinity changes paws

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Fender, now under new ownership

Furry art gallery Fur Affinity announced a change in ownership this Wednesday, with founder and original site coder Alkora Husky selling the site to its lead administrator, The Dragoneer (also known as Preyfar).[1]

"Today, Alkora and I came to an agreement and inked the deal. We have officially transferred ownership of Fur Affinity to me," The Dragoneer remarked on his FurAffinity journal today, announcing the sale of the site. "It's been a long road, and Alkora and I have weathered quite a lot together side by side, and will continue to do so well into the future."[2]

Site founder Alkora replied on his own journal, saying "I am confident in [Dragoneer's] ability to manage FA. He has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the website and the FA community." Alkora cited pursuit of college studies and other commitments as reasons to sell the site, mentioning that he "will still be around here."[3]

Upcoming furry comics for November 2007 (Previews only)

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OK, this is a month late, but I almost finished it before I was distracted by a new job in another state. I was almost done, so I figured it was worth finishing to get the information on record. Do NOT let its lateness keep you from getting *Sam & Max: Surfin' the Highway*.

Upcoming furry comics for December 2007 (Previews only)

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There is no joy in Cleveland, but I imagine youns care no more than I do, since neither the Indians nor the Red Sox have an animal mascot. Meanwhile, an OK batch of furry comics. Next month, a timelier posting, for sure! Maybe.

Serenity Woods saved from chopping block

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Guide head Curt Pascal dances after his group raises $1925 to save the sim

Residents of long-time Second Life furry haunt Serenity Woods celebrated tonight after raising US$1925 during a ten-day drive to save the sim from auction.

Forest furs were first notified of problems on the 19th, when community leader Curt Pascal revealed that current land manager, Mako Minogue, had decided to move on due to "RL commitments." This change led to a decision by financier Kerwin Newall to sell the sim.

Staff decided a transfer should take place by the end of this month, in time with monthly tier (sim rental payments) due at the start of November.

FC2008 October Newsletter

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1. Furry Market Place spaces still available
2. FNL08 - will it be YEAR OF THE NINJA
3. We welcome our second Guest of Honor
4. We need DJ's
5. The next meeting is November 10th