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March 2008

Furtopia forums down after hack

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The forums of online furry community Furtopia are down, and will not be restored in their current form, says site administrator WhiteShepherd.[1]

The site suffered several attacks believed to be rooted in vulnerabilities in the forum software, Ikonboard. A hacker reportedly vandalized the forums, defaced the websites of hosted furry artists, and ultimately erased the hard drive on which the site was stored. Just hours after a three-day rebuild following the attack, the site was "destroyed" again.

In his announcement, WhiteShepherd blames splinter forum LOLfurries for the attack, saying that "passwords and private messages" were stolen, and "re-posted on their forums in the interest of providing [them] amusement."

However, regulars of LOLfurries disclaim responsibility for the hacker's actions.[2] Now Online!

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A new furry fashion website with quality and conservation in mind made its debut this past month! strives to offer a selection of vivid wildlife themed shirts for the fandom, as well as raise money for charities that protect threatened or endangered species.

Upcoming furry comics for April 2008 (Previews only)

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Everything this month is more of what came before except an interesting hardcover from Dark Horse. I didn't notice anything particularly furry in the Free Comics Day stuff, so go out and buy!

Further Confusion - It's Not Burning Man, But We Like It That Way

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This year I attended my first Further Confusion, and I have to admit I liked it. Of course, I'm the more social kind of con attender, going to meet people, wander and catch a little bit of everything going on. And I should admit to having friends who were execs and staff, which might colour my views a bit, but I liked the con a lot. But it seems not everyone did...

FC2009 Announcement time! Theme! Hotel Reservations! Dealer's Room!

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I know that many of you have been anxiously waiting these, so here they are.

Our theme for 2009 will be Surf Safari! So, catch a wave and hang-ten off the shores of a Polynesian isle, or hit the beach and grab a mojito under the palm trees, listening to the call of tropical birds.

The reservations system will open for our block on April 2nd. You can find the rates on our hotel page, but we will not be putting up either the link to the online reservation system, or phone number and block code until we actually open.

Dealer's Room
Applications for the Dealer's Room will be accepted starting April 2nd. Please see the Dealer's Room page for the form as well as important instructions.

We're still working on revising a number of items for the website, such as the FAQ for the Hotel, as well as some of our policies. Keep watching our Forums, LiveJournal, and of course, our website for further updates and information.

RBW 2008 registration opens

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Organizers today opened registration for British furry event RBW 2008, which this year runs from 27-30 November and is based at the Royal National Hotel in the heart of London[1]

One of the main events of the weekend will be the traditional night-time boat trip along the River Thames. While previous years featured live acts on board, this year the trip will be restricted to music, conversation and sightseeing.[2]

RBW 2008 hits 100 registrations

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RBW 2008 co-chairman Foxberance is "excited"; three days after opening registration, over 100 tickets of varying levels have been sold. If 350 are sold, he promises to hire a bouncy castle.[1]

With over eight months to go, the convention is close to matching half of the 242 tickets sold for RBW 2007. This figure includes over twenty Platinum sponsor tickets at £150 (~US$300) each, which offer the holder: access to the hospitality suite; a free meal, signed print, and trip on the London Eye with the Guests of Honor; a T-shirt; express sign-in; and access to the traditional boat party.[2]

The first confirmed Guest of Honor for 2008 is popular fursuit maker Latin Vixen. A number of guests are yet to be announced, including at least two other Guests of Honor. RBW 2008 will have a number of other Guests and VIPs, including Timothy Albee and Fatkraken.[3]

2007 Ursa Major Awards voting

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The 2007 Ursa Major Awards are now being voted upon.

ANTHRO #16 has left the runway...

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here. I bear good news: The obstacle which prevented me from publishing ANTHROlogy TWO is no more! I've a bit of work yet to do... but now I *can* do that work, so it's all good. Even better: ANTHRO #16 lives! And, like, it's *online*, too! This issue's cover is SLUMBER PARTY, by the estimable Heather Bruton. I thought "Dang, that's good" at first sight, and I'm sure you will, too!
And what's on the *inside* of this issue? Well...

2007 Ursa Major Award voting open

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Ursa Major Awards

Voting has begun for the 2007 Ursa Major Awards.[1]

Ten awards are being given in various fields of anthropomorphism. People are allowed to vote for up to three nominees in each award, based on a sliding scale. Voting closes on April 20, and winners will be announced at this year's Morphicon.

2007 Ursa Major Awards voting -- correction

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Dear Editors;

The correct URL for the ballot is

We apologize for the error.

Best wishes;

Fred Patten
Corresponding Secretary, ALAA

Mummified Dinosaur Discovered

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A 65 million year-old mummified Edmontosaurus carcass, complete with fossilized soft tissue structures, has been discovered. This is the fourth time a significant mummified dinosaur body has been unearthed, and this particular one may be the most well-preserved specimen of its kind.

Scientists are working to fully recover the remains, which will take about a year of effort. A CNN report shows a small revealed section of the dinosaur's greenish-black skin, if you click on the picture arrow.