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ANTHRO #16 has left the runway...

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Quentin 'Cubist' Long here. I bear good news: The obstacle which prevented me from publishing ANTHROlogy TWO is no more! I've a bit of work yet to do... but now I *can* do that work, so it's all good. Even better: ANTHRO #16 lives! And, like, it's *online*, too! This issue's cover is SLUMBER PARTY, by the estimable Heather Bruton. I thought "Dang, that's good" at first sight, and I'm sure you will, too!
And what's on the *inside* of this issue? Well...= STORIES =

SOMETHING ABOUT HAWKS, by David R. Addleman (illustrated by Cubist): Whether by birth or by acts, greatness is greatness.
THE DESTROYER, by Bill 'Hafoc' Rogers: Prophecy, like gods, moves in mysterious ways.
THE WARRIOR, a TBP tale by Felix Sagittarius: Good men *can* triumph over evil.
A LETTER HOME, by Kris Schnee (illustrated by Cubist): One should always choose one’s profession with care.


ZEBRA GIRL, by Joe England: Date with a demon.
SANDUSKY, by John Pergaman, Jr.: Awakenings (rude and otherwise).


THE LAST ONE, by Kristine Ong Muslim: Longevity is not always a boon.


THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS, by Michael W. Bard: It’s the personal touch that does it.
DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, by Phil Geusz: How bad *do* you want furries?
REALITY SOUNDBITES, by Keith Morrison: A fascinating topic indeed...
THE RED KING'S DREAM, by Wanderer Werewolf: An introduction to medieval law.


SEEN WHILE PROWLING, by Fred Patten: The CFO's founder reviews JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL, by Richard Bach; CLOSER TO THE VOID: OZY AND MILLIE, 2006-2007, by D. C. Simpson; A MARRIAGE OF INSECTS, by Bard Bloom; NEW TECHNICOLOR DREAMS, by Will A. Sanborn; KOCKROACH, by Tyler Koch; A DOEMAIN OF OUR OWN, VOL. 2, SHIFT HAPPENS, by Susan Rankin; THE HERO, by Teiran; and THE CAT MASTER, by Bonnie Pemberton.


FROM THE EDITOR'S MAW, by Quentin Long: A usually-ignored wellspring of drama

See you next issue!


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