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'Kamlu ...Happy Happy', another Indian animated feature

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So the camel can talk. Can he fly?

Have you ever heard of Kamlu ...Happy Happy, a 3D CGI Hollywood-Bollywood co-production directed by Govind Nihalani that will be released on November 2? In India, anyway, in Hindi. Produced by Krayon Pictures, the same studio that made Delhi Safari, in fact.

This English-language trailer shows it to be a children’s fantasy about a young talking camel who wants to fly, who gets mixed up with a human princess, an enigmatic magician, lots of villains, and so on. Will it play in America? I’m sure the Bollywood producers hope so.

Video: 'Cat Shit One: Episode 1'

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The first episode of anime series Cat Shit One is available for free this week. [tip: fritzfox]

Note: This animation includes scenes of graphic violence, as well as cute fluffy rabbits.

Desert Explorer and Founder of the WILD CAMEL PROTECTION FOUNDATION, John Hare,

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Desert Explorer and Founder of the WILD CAMEL PROTECTION FOUNDATION, John Hare, Travels to North America to Share the Miraculous Story of the Bactrian Camel's Ability to Survive 43 Atmospheric Nuclear Tests

Real Life Explorer has traveled the deserts of the world, his only concession to modern technology being a satellite telephone

Just how secure is your luggage?

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Qantas Airlines were embarrased by one of their baggage handlers on Wednesday morning. Passenger David Cox complained after he saw a baggage handler driven across the Sydney airport tarmac Wednesday wearing the camel suit that had been packed into the baggage he had checked in only minutes earlier. The Herald Sun reports that the handler was later fired.

Since in the post 9/11 world it is required that bags must be unlocked so they can be easily inspected, this clearly illustrates concerns that baggage is now far more open to tampering than before these 'security measures'.

Full stories available from both Reuter's Oddly Enough feed and the Herald Sun News (Australia)

Salt-Tolerant Camels

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Camels that can make use of salty water have been found in China. This article is worth reading just for the final paragraph, which displays the dry sense of humor commonly associated with people in the UK. *grin*