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'Kamlu ...Happy Happy', another Indian animated feature

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So the camel can talk. Can he fly?

Have you ever heard of Kamlu ...Happy Happy, a 3D CGI Hollywood-Bollywood co-production directed by Govind Nihalani that will be released on November 2? In India, anyway, in Hindi. Produced by Krayon Pictures, the same studio that made Delhi Safari, in fact.

This English-language trailer shows it to be a children’s fantasy about a young talking camel who wants to fly, who gets mixed up with a human princess, an enigmatic magician, lots of villains, and so on. Will it play in America? I’m sure the Bollywood producers hope so.


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*bashing head on desk*

This movie is already on my "avoid at all cost" list, and all it took was this trailer.


1. Please, no more slow-mo homage to The Matrix!

2. Showstopping music and dance numbers. The musical is truly dead!

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But it features a camel. How many animated films have a camel at all, much less in the starring role?

Fred Patten

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Just because it's never been done, doesn't mean it's a good idea.

(Actually, that's probably a good sign that it isn't.)

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I'll give them props for casting a camel in the starring role, but wow, the folks in Bollywood don't disappoint when they try too hard. It's like what Timon said to Pumbaa, "lie down before you hurt yourself."

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Is a movie about a flying camel likely to show more reality about life? Teach moral values, surely. Movies designed for children usually are very preachy about high moral values.

Fred Patten

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