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Are furries trying to poison your kids with detergent pods?

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Update (12 Jan): YouTube removed the Tide Pod Pizza video. Here's a copy in China.

Well, if you're familiar with the concept of Betteridge's Law, then you should already know the answer to that question. Hint: it's no. However, it's certainly an odd question to even present without a reason. So why ask?

Pousta, a Spanish language news site that covers fashion, design, music, and trends, posted an article about an early “fashion” of 2018 (Spanish). It covers a recent Internet meme around the consumption of detergent pods, and particularly its growth because of a video. This video is one of a furry YouTuber named Majira Strawberry with fellow fursuiter Arrin. The video ends with Arrin cooking a cheese pizza decorated with detergent pods.

'Zootopia' fan comic, with themes around abortion, goes viral

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Though it was originally published back in March, the Zootopia fan comic "I Will Survive", drawn and written by Deviant Art artist "Borba", has recently garnered a lot more attention out of nowhere, and not just for its artwork. The comic, which was already notorious among fans of Zootopia for its themes of abortion and spousal abuse, has come to the attention of the wider world, and it even caused a movie nearly two years old to momentarily pop up on Twitter's trending list earlier this week.

Coroner confirms it; dingoes ate the baby

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ChamberlainsAfter thirty years, it turns out, yes, dingoes really did eat that baby. At least that was the finding of Australian coroner Elizabeth Morris today, as quoted by the New York Times: "The cause of her death was a result of being taken by a dingo."

The bizarre disappearance from Ayer’s Rock of infant Azaria Chamberlain in 1980 led to her mother, Lindy, being convicted of murder in 1982, despite Lindy’s claims that dingoes had killed the baby. When Azaria’s jacket was found four years later near dingo dens, however, Lindy was released. Finally, this year, a fourth inquest was taken.

What ancient furry in-joke most needs a comeback?

Krystal can't enjoy her sandwich
32% (25 votes)
Move your dead bones
9% (7 votes)
Eating berries and digging holes
13% (10 votes)
WTF is happening?
3% (2 votes)
$@%& you, I'm a %@&$ing dragon!
36% (28 votes)
8% (6 votes)
Votes: 78

'Krystal sandwich' meme strikes Fur Affinity

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Crop from original image shows Krystal not enjoying a sandwich

Furry art community Fur Affinity has been struck by a visual meme, as artists depict their characters either enjoying or unable to enjoy their food.

The meme began on Sunday night, when a user named "krystalcantenjoyhersandwich" extracted part of an image uploaded by cbee featuring popular Star Fox character Krystal.[1][2] cbee drew and posted the original to Fur Affinity on June 9.[3]