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Nintendo DS

Review: 'Pokémon Black 2' and 'White 2' for the Nintendo DS

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Pokémon White 2Pokémon Black 2Nintendo threw everyone for a loop when the newest Pokémon games were revealed. This is the first time since Pokémon Gold and Silver that a Pokémon game has been a direct sequel. It takes place explicitly two years after the events of Pokémon Black and White.

This is just another Pokémon game. It follows the path set by the series, and does not deviate. It does not take any risks, and if you have played any other game in the series, well, you know how it goes. You pick a starter, fight gyms that do not specialize in Dark type Pokemon, ever, fight off bad guys, and become the Pokémon Champion. Same old, same old.

But, it is still as fun as its ever been.

Review: ‘Pokémon Conquest’ for the Nintendo DS

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Pokémon ConquestWith The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers hitting theaters this summer and together making approximately all of the money, conversations at work have gotten weird. I mean, I have definite opinions on which superhero would win against which superhero in a fight (for the record, Squirrel Girl always wins, Batman never loses and Rainbow Dash beats Starscream), but these people are not geeks. They could probably beat me up, they have social lives outside of the Internet and I’m pretty sure they’ve all lost their virginity.

Okay, I get it, comic books are cool now, although my coworkers were still so puzzled by Squirrel Girl that I was spared from having to explain who Rainbow Dash is. But when they debated whether Mewtwo or Professor X* was the better psychic, I almost lost it. I am not sure I like this brave new world where even Pokémon are cool.

The good news is, Pokémon Conquest for the Nintendo DS is not cool. How not cool? Well, it came out in June, I am reviewing it in September, and have almost wasted 200 words not talking about it. I guess I should start doing that.

Review: 'Solatorobo: Red the Hunter'

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SolatoroboSolatorobo: Red the Hunter is a story-based role-playing game for the Nintendo DS, featuring character design that should more than appeal to furries. If anything, it's as furry as any Star Fox game, and the characters’ animal nature has more effect on the story than just punny names.

The game is some sort of prequel/sequel/something to a game called Tail Concerto. I missed that one, so this was my first introduction to the setting.

Xseed, September 2011 - $34.99 on Amazon

Review: 'Pokémon' evolves a real story with 'Black' and 'White'

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Pokémon Black and White legendariesThe fifth generation of Pokémon began by announcing a semi-anthro fox over a year ago. Now, Pokémon Black and White have hit your local video game outlet.

After four generations, Pokémon is a household name. Like the Nintendo DS – hosting five versions of the game, not counting side-trips like the Pokémon Ranger and Mystery Dungeon series – the Pokémon franchise is all but a license to print money.

Add a few critters and upgrades, slap on Pikachu's friendly face and shove it out the door, right?

Wrong. This generation of Pokémon has evolved.