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'Omaha the Cat Dancer' reviewed by The Onion's A.V. Club

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The Onion's A.V. Club has published a retrospective review of Omaha the Cat Dancer, recently re-released as a recompiled set. [Tmachine]

While Noel Murray notes the sex scenes on the NBM covers "border on the gratuitous", he praised the comic for rising above its steamy origins:

Omaha, on the other hand, became less about the sex and more about story over time—even after the book migrated to Eros. [During] the series’ heyday, Omaha sensitively explored devotion and jealousy and hypocrisy, via the ever-shifting relationships of the main characters. It was no masterpiece, but it was entertaining and more fun to read that about 95 percent of what was on the shelves at the time.

ONN's Today Now! gives cat relationship tips

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Onion News Network breakfast show Today Now! gives advice from author Melissa Donnelly on sparking up the relationship with your cat.

Hint: Watch for additional tips from her book displayed in the footer.

HILARIOUS parody with anthro flavor

Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes), a popular news parody site, has posted a very funny story about "sexism among animals in nature." There is heavy anthropomorphication (if that's a word) of natural animal behavior on the part of some "scientists" conducting thier "research."

Not strictly furry, but VERY funny and apropos for those interested in behavioral aspects of anthropomorphics.

Mr. Manatee Goes to Washington

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Despite the seriousness of the topic of protecting what little Florida wetland remains, I had to get several chuckles out of this spoof in The Onion:

Endangered Manatee Struggles to Make Self Understood to Congress

Note from Gene: I'm one of those people who normally find the Onion just a little too sophomoric to actually be funny, but I got a chuckle from this one, as well.