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Here Come the Birds ['The Art of Rio']

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Not content to have the (as should be expected) “art of Rio 2“, Blue Sky Studios instead brings us The Art of Rio: Featuring a Carnival of Art from Rio and Rio 2.  My, now that’s a title! “From 20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios, the creators of Ice Age and Horton Hears a Who!, the musical adventure comedy Rio told the story of how rare Blue Macaws Blu and Jewel met and fell in love in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. In Rio 2, the pair journey with their 3 chicks to the amazon jungle in search of their wild roots. With over 300 pieces of concept art, character sketches, storyboards and digital paintings, along with interviews with the key animation talent, this book reveals the artistry behind the 2 colorful movies.” It’s put together by Tara Bennett (who’s written and edited several movie tie-in books of the sort), with an introduction by Carlos Saldanha (the director of both films). Look for it at Amazon, where it’s available now in hardcover.

image c. Titan Books

image c. Titan Books


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I wonder if there's a story behind why "The Art of Rio" is published by Titan Books in London, instead of the usual publishers of these coffee-table CGI animation volumes, Chronicle Books or Insight Editions here in California?

Fred Patten

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Actually, there is a huge number of AO (Art of) books published by Titan already, so it's not a first: AO Kung Fu Panda 2, AO Rise of the Guardians, AO Epic, AO The Croods, AO Turbo, AO Assassin's Creed (3+4), ...

AO How to Train Your Dragon (1+2) was Newmarket Press, AO Frozen was Abrams Books, so Chronicle and Insight seem to be no longer the major labels for this kind of books.

Great book btw, just the right amount of character art vs. prop/background art, with a few renderings sprinkled in.

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