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But it's not furry!

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The complaint in the title comes up now and again, when we post a story to the site that isn't directly related to furry fandom. The FAQ only touches on the answer (okay, the FAQ is over a year and a half old, and needs to be rewritten), so I thought I would talk about Flayrah's 'mission statement'. Click below for reports news on a variety of semi-related topics. We operate under the premise that if you talk and think about just one thing (furry, in this case), you become dull, boring, and uninteresting. Thus, we feature news from the SF world, as well as animal-related information, some general science and tech articles, and news from the entertainment world (usually animation-related). Along with the occaisional oddity.

Flayrah is, at heart, a community-driven website. Contribute news, information, reviews, and opinion articles that you want to see, and we can build a better website that everyone will enjoy.


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I agree with this. I always thought that was "news for furries," not "news exclusively about furry." In other words, news that focuses on furry fandom AND the things that furries are often also interested in.

I would never complain about a topic being "not furry enough." Heck! It's only because of Flayrah that I have the opportunity to see the Inu-Yasha anime before it comes out on DVD! (Although I will have to tape it, since I must sleep prior to its coming on; curse the fast-food schedules, curse 'em I say!!!)

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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Amen, that's all I'm saying.

Tlaren }:=8}

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Around the time Flayrah started, someone told me that a 'furry News Site' would likly end up like the monty python sketch 'News for Budgies'.

No Budgies were involved in this news item.

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Hey what the heck? o.0 I would just quit reading Flayrah would it only report furry news, it is interesting right because it keeps an eye open on real animals, science, arts, etc., it would be incomplete... Those three topics _are_ 100% related to furries to me. Sure furry isn't all about convention news.
Please don't let such comments change the style of the site...

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