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Brazilian zoo to auction animals for fundraising

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The Fundação Parque Zoológico de São Paulo also known as the Sao Paulo Zoo, is auctioning off 143 animals from 10 different species to pay for their renovations, and endangered species research. Though most zoos just auction off pictures or 'adoptions' of the animals, this is the real thing. You can get a pair of peacocks for $1000 or a trio of porcupines for $1500, along with a care booklet.
Animal welfare groups are concerned, but the zoo says all animals will be microchiped to track their ownership. Wilson Almeida Lima, from Brazil's institute for the environment and natural resources said: "If there is an accusation of bad treatment of those animals we are going to punish the responsible. We hope whoever buys an animal takes good care of it." The zoo hopes to raise at least $100,000 though the sales.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

well i know some animals - particularly many if not most endangered ones - require care, diet and even environment the average pet owner is unlikely to even immagine. i don't think being handed a 'care booklet' microchipped critter or not - is quite the same thing as qualifying to participate in a species survival program.
of course parakeets and porkipines as far as i know arn't all that endangered - just the same though - i question to what extent they'll be able to enforce proper care on anyone who can easily enough afford to pay those kinds of ammounts if they have to resort to this measure to raise capitol in the first place.
perhaps as long as the mood of the recent election stays in place the government there MAY do as much as it can - however much THAT is, to keep matters under control, but brazill IS located in south america - and south american politics has a certain - um shal we say reputation - for um something other the democratic stability ...
well there's a lot that isn't mentioned - like whether or not the'll be available to buyers from other countries and how the'll deal with this if there are.
now i'd love to participate in a species survival program for say red pandas or something like that - where the main difficulty is environment and diet - and the're more likely to be harmed by the neighbors and their pets then to be the cause of any ...
considering my non-existent cash flow the question is moot at any rate ...
nor do i have the place i would need ...
well i sounds like the're probably only auctioning off what are not particularaly sensative species, even if perhaps tecnicly exotic to be privately kept.
shucks - if i was livin on some land up in the woods somewhere's there'd probable BE wild porkipines already there ...

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