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Flayrah Merchandise Available

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It's January again, which means time to pay the hosting bill! turns two years old later this month, and we're still going strong. For the last two years, I've paid the hosting fee with our webhost, HostRocket, out of my own pocket, something which I'm fully prepared to do again. However, if you'd like to buy a nifty tshirt, coffee mug, mousepad, or other item, you can head over to the Flayrah store, run by CafePress. Proceeds above and beyond the merchandise cost will go to defray the hosting cost of Thanks for your support!


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Hey, the hats are cool, one hat purchased. Cool man, thanks for giving folks another way to give back to Flayrah. The site simply rocks.

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Thank you very much!

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Excellent! I am very happy to be able to support what I consider a very worthy and useful site (as well as one of my favorites). Now I can advertise!

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