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"They had Rabbits!"

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This article discusses some of the "atmosphere" provided by The Flaming Lips in their performances - including the presence of furry costumed performers...“We did a show in Oklahoma City a couple of years ago where a guy, a friend of ours, took a couple of hits of acid and showed up in a rabbit costume.

“He just sort of freaked out the whole night, and for weeks after that people were talking about that show – and all they talked about was rabbits – ‘they had rabbits!’

“So we thought ‘yes that’s a great idea’ and we started having people in costumes come to our show; they join us on stage and there’s about 25 of them every night – giraffes, gorillas, blue cookie monsters, Martians and pink bears – with these big flashlights and they dance and go into the audience and hug people.


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There is a recent Hewlett Packard commercial that starts out in a grey, flickering-flourescent lit room with celebrities seated around the walls, including Penn & Teller, Abe Vigoda, and the lead singer of "Flaming Lips".

A friend of mine, Tadao Tomomatsu (also Chairman of Loscon 29 this past November) is an actor, and was dressed like an Iron Chef sitting on one wall in that commercial.

They show a few of the celebrities talking to eachother (like the guy from Survivor asking Penn Gillette to think of a number between 0 and 100) and after a few short comments, a guy with a clipboard enters the room and says "Flaming Lips... You're up." The lead singer of Flaming Lips and two people in rabbit suits walk out of the room, and onto someone's computer monitor, singing one of their songs.

[Fade to HP logo, and hear narrator's blurb about getting whatever you want on the net with HP computers]

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