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Tai-Pan party at NorWesCon

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The Northwest Science Fiction Convention (NorWesCon) is this weekend, April 12-15, and the Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project is hosting their annual room party once again.

This party will mark the thirteenth anniversary of the founding of the Tai-Pan Project, which produces a science fiction zine set in a shared anthropomorphic universe. In recent years the Tai-Pan party has been virtually the only furry event happening at this convention, but we're too stubborn to stop doing it. Look for posters at all the normal bulletin locations to find the room number. The party usually starts at about 3:00 on Saturday afternoon. There'll be food, sketch books, a lot of conversation, and probably some Cheapass games to join in. We'll have back issues available.

So if you're in the Seattle area this weekend, drop in and say hello.


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