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New issue of Tai-Pan available

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Issue #43 of Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe is in the mail headed to all subscribers! Issue #43 should be available from Rabbit Valley and Second Ed soon. Issue #43 includes stories by Chuck Melville, Mark Allen Davis, and Edd Vick, illustrated by Susan Woolard, Annette Pschirrer, Vanessa Pridgeon, and C.D. Woodbury. The front cover is by Jennifer Anderson and back cover drawn by Susan Woolard. Issue #43 includes additional artwork by Edd Vick, Andrew Laverdierre, and Kristin Fontaine.

We have a new t-shirt available at the Tai-Pan store. "A Pirate's Life For Me," features a full-color picture of Iktome's Solome, inked by Sky Oxford (from the cover of issue #39) and colored by C.D. Woodbury. The back features a line drawing (also by Chuck) of several Tai-Pan crew members, as seen on the back cover of issue #28. Order Tai-Pan t-shirts through our web site ( from the "Buy Tai-Pan merchandise" item in the navigation bar.

The "Join the Adventure" shirt is still available. Other merchandise, including mugs, mouse pads, and more t-shirts, are in the works and should be available soon!


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