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New issue of Tai-Pan available

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Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe #35 is available now! Issue #35 features a front cover by C.D. Woodbury, a back cover by Gary Fletcher, and stories by Chas P.A. Melville, Bill Koonts, and Gene Breshears, plus story illustrations by Kathy Coleman, Gary Fletcher, C.D. Woodbury, and Andrew Laverdiere.Issue #35's front cover features Wyatt riding a fire extinguisher through a weightless corridor while Jarl, Kulfa, and Chilao dodge enemy fire, as drawn by C.D. Woodbury. The back cover features Skeeter, the Ramanujan's stowaway, enjoying a fliched sandwich in an air duct, as drawn by Gary Fletcher. The issue contains "The Carcajou" written by Chuck Melville and illustrated by Kathy Coleman, "The Devil's Workshop" written by Gene Breshears and illustrated by Gary Fletcher, "30-Minute Guarantee" written by Bill Koonts and illustrated by C.D. Woodbury, and "Safety Precautions" written by Chuck Melville and illustrated by Andrew Laverdiere.

The issue should be available soon from Rabbit Vallery Comic Shop and from Second Ed.

You can see the front cover and ordering information here.


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