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New issue of Tai-Pan available

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Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe #41 was is now available!Issue #41's front cover features Iktomé computer officer Solome, relaxing in a bar, as drawn by Sky Rigdon. Our back cover features Tai-Pan pilot, Kelson of Nian, as drawn by Susan Woolard. This issue contains thre complete stories: "Monkey in the Middle" written by Mark Allen Davis and illustrated by Chas P.A. Melville, "Dance with the Devil" written by Gene Breshears and illustrated by C.D. Woodbury, and ""A Little Respect" written by Mark Allen Davis and illustrated by Bill Koonts. The issue features additional artwork by Gary Fletcher, Jackie Duram-Nilsson, Noel Melendez, and David Zawitaj.

You can get a peek at the cover at our web site, just go to and click on "Available Issues."

Issues may be ordered directly from the publishers or from Second Ed.


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