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Man beats ferret to death after being told ferrets not allowed on flight

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In a disgusting display of wanton animal cruelty, a man who was told during a layover that the ferret he had smuggled on board in a cooler wasn't allowed on the plane, proceded to beat the animal to death and attempt to flush it down the toilet. The airline offered to take the animal to the local SPCA if the man wanted to continue his flight, and was shocked at how the passenger chose to handle the problem. American Airlines does not allow ferrets in the cabin, and they must have special arrangement to be taken as cargo.


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Clearly a sick puppy. Maybe there should be a mental competency test
for would-be pet owners. If I could think of an agency one could trust
to do it without prejudice or handing it to Big Brother, I'd say
maybe everyone should have to take a mental competency once in their
lives. I hope the guy never hurt any people the way he did his ferret.


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This guy is probably not just your ordinary joe who snapped when pushed too far.. he's likely a latent psychopath.. they often first show their true nature when dealing with those under their total control, especially pets and those they consider 'beneath them'.. if he beats his ferret to death because he can't take it on the ***** plane without paying more, what do you think he'll do to his wife.. or his kids?.. let's pray he doesn't procreate.

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