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"Firewing", by Kenneth Oppel, the third novel in "The Silverwing Saga" which was published in Canada in April 2002, was published in February in the U.S.: Simon & Schuster, $16.95. "Silverwing" is also due to become a TV cartoon series, animated by Bardel Entertainment in Vancouver, on Canada's Teletoon channel in September.

"Cat Seeing Double: A Joe Grey Mystery", by Shirley Rousseau Murphy, the latest (eighth) in the series about talking cat detectives, was published in January: HarperCollins, $24.95.

"Rancher Ferrets on the Range", by Richard Bach, the fourth of his "The Ferret Chronicles" set in a world of anthropomorphic ferrets, was published in February: Scribner, $15.00. Vol. 5, "Teacher Ferrets in the Classroom", is scheduled for September publication.

"Between Darkness and Light", by Lisanne Norman, the latest installment of her "Sholan Alliance" novel, was published in January: DAW Books, $6.99.

"Snowball's Chance", by John Reed, a "revisionist" version of "Animal Farm" that has the George Orwell estate threatening legal action, was published in November 2002: Roof Books, $19.95.


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Also in furry novel news - Dave Farrance recently posted an addendum to the Furry Novel List, which hasn't been updated in nearly two years, stating that he is finally working on a revision (no actual revisions yet). Lets hope something comes of it.

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My "An Anthropomorphic Bibliography", 3rd edition, published by Yarf!, is still available from them for $8.00, which I believe covers postage & handling: Yarf!, P. O. Box 1299, Cupertino, CA 95015-1299. It is 75 pages, annotated, illustrated & indexed, and covers over 500 Furry books, mostly adult novels from the well-known like Adams' "Watership Down" to the now-obscure like A. B. Cox's "The Professor On Paws" (1926) and Theodore Pratt's "Mr. Limpet" (1942, on which the 1964 Don Knotts movie was based). It was published in January 2000, so it is admittedly four years out of date. The 4th edition, which should add about 150 titles since 2000, will hopefully be published during 2004.

Fred Patten

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