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New furry personals site!

Your rating: None is a new furry personals site, it is currently home to about 330 furry related personals ads. The site was put online in March, with the intent of creating a free furry personals site, that is run by furs, for furs.

Check it out at:


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You know, Flayrah needs to get up to speed. I saw this on Something Awful before I heard a word about it here. ;)

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It was also posted on many of the FurryMUCK boards a few months ago.

It's kind of neat, in that the fandom is growing large enough to start to imitate more aspects of life in general. There are enough people to use a personals site, so now there is one.

It's also an interesting exercise to go through and get a cross-section of the kinds of posts that are there. The last time I glanced at it, it was about what you'd expect: a large number of male furs looking for Ms. Right (or Mr. Right), and a small number of females looking for Just A Friend.

I was surprised that there weren't more "get your hot stud here" posts, but in hindsight the people using a personals site would likely be those with lower self-esteem.

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I've just been posting what I get, lately. My life is much too busy for me to do much digging for news items, lately. ;)

And, actually, I think I did see something about this on FurryMuck a while ago. Just didn't post it at the time.

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WOOT! ^_^

I've wanted something like this for a long time, never heard of this site before though.

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