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Zoo Hosts Tours On Animal Homosexuality

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Among other events in celebration of "Warm May", the city of Zurich is conducting hour-long tours at their zoo focusing on homosexuality in the animal kingdom.

Full story at Swissinfo, here


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No surprise here. My list of gay pets: 2 lesbian mice, one gay incestous male mouse, gay guppies, lesbian cockatiel, the list goes on. Most of the time it was because they could not get access to heterosexual partners and turned gay, but in the case of the bird she is just in love with me.

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So when is the str8 show?
On second thought... never mind.

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Jean Pierre Halet's book "Animal Kitabu" describes a number of homosexual habits animals may engage in, the Girraffe in particular, who may engage in a mating ritual (with another male) although surrounded by receptive females. The result of the "necking" usually results in at least one mounting the other.
In my experience with horse breeding I have witnessed first hand the indescriminate mounting of males, true, it may be linked to a ritual of dominance, but in the case of younger males may simply be a form of practice for later breeding. Young colts routinely engaged in mounting each other, some appeared to pair off and remain loyal friends, and when separated... would exhibit grief or anxiety.

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