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Rocket City Furmeet, in Huntsville, AL, went wonderfully. We all had a great time, and are gearing up to planning for next year. Here's a few factoids about the meet:

- Attendance was 103, about double what was expected. It surpassed everyone's expectations, even the most optimistic. We are shooting for 200 next year.

- Awards given:
Tallyhawk, farthest traveled to come to RCFM (2300 miles or so, forgot exact number)
Chaka Wolf, first pre-reg for RCFM ever
Ulfie, most volunteer hours. (30) That girl worked more hours than some staff members!
Most popular, Amberwolf and Jugular Jaguar (tie)
Best dressed, Valrejn
Most hours in fursuit, Pup (8)
Best dancer, Maza

- The Artists' Alley, after requests from the Artists, was 24/7 after Saturday morning. From now on, RCFM will be having a 24/7 Artists' Alley. Thanks to Thalyn for filling such a time-consuming staff position.

Thanks to everyone who made our dream a reality! We'll be seeing you next year!

RCFM co-chair

RCFM website


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It was 2,563 miles, according to my little certificate. :) And, I might add, I consider the meet to have been worth every mile! I'm already making plans for next year.


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Yeah, that's the official Mapquest count from Seattle to Huntsville. Middle to middle or post office to post office, I don't know. But it sounded good. :P

Can't wait to see you here next year! :D


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