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Fantagraphics faces financial woes

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The Seattle P-I reports that comics publisher Fantagraphics Books ("Ghost World," "Naughty Bits," "The Bradleys"), is in dire financial straits and is facing the possibility of shutting down entirely.


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Gee, I thought they were out of business years ago. I used to deliver next to their business for years with my Freightliner and the warehouse there was always closed. I checked a window and there were boxes in place, but I've never seen the place in business. This is the 1st Ave So location, that is. Next to a pizza delivery outlet.

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No loss.

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Wah, how can you say that? This is the company that published over 50 months' worth of 'Critters', the best furry anthology in the history of the fandom (shame on the article poster for not mentioning this!).

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