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WDLR... Furcadia's ONLY ADULT Radio

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Contrary to seemingly limited furry information, KWKAT is not the only furry radio online created by furry, and operated by furry. Dark Legacies Radio has been around for quite a while now, pumping out ADULT music 24/7 for listeners and furry alike.
"We cater to an eclectic group of furry who are into a more select choice in music." stated NiteMyste, Rah and Program Director for WDLR."Our listeners are of a more "ADULT" nature. WE listen to various genres including but not limited to "Classic Rock, Rock, Blues, Alternative, Gothic, Gothic Rock, Industrial and even some Country" ....
We are always looking for talented furry to DJ as long as they fit the criteria to be a DJ with us. We are also rated as #21 on the Radio Tool Box directory listing various internet radio sites. we are hoping to move even faster up the charts in days to come."
These words were spoken by again, NiteMyste, Rah and Program Director WDLR.
Want to learn more? Tune in today to or visit our website where we post all the latest and greatest news concerning not only the Furry World but also for the online Community of Furcadia.

"WDLR, Furcadia and Furry Worlds only ADULT Radio"

PLEASE NOTE: We do not play JPOP, ANIME nor RAP music at ANY time!


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Okay, show of hands: who all thought from reading the headline that WDLR was broadcasting something entirely different?
I guess that just goes to show that "furry" isn't the only word whose meaning has been hijacked by a small subset.

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*chuckles*... mind in the gutter again ehh?..

Not all that is Dark is Evil, not all that is Light is Good. But with both, you have Balance

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Um... question? Which protocol does WDLR netcast in? (hoping it's

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According to their site, they use Shoutcast.

- PunkTiger!

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