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Wyrmkeep Entertainment Releases Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb for Windows

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The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co. announces the release of Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb, a classic adventure game now available for the first time for Windows. Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb tells the tale of Rif the Fox and his attempt to prove his innocence in the theft of the Orb of Storms, a relic of the ancient, mythic Humans. The player guides Rif and his companions/guards Okk the Boar and Eeah the Elk in finding clues, overcoming challenges, and exploring a land of intelligent, humanoid animals.

Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb can be purchased directly from the publisher through the company's on-line store at A demo introduction to the game can be downloaded from the same site.


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Oh yeah! I kicked this game's ass and loved every minute of it. It is EXTREMELY furry, including one joke about 'knockers...' *snicker*

Highly reccomended game for any inclined furry.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

I owned the original PC (and cd rom version) and if you had the original and tried to play it under XP you know how much of a pain it is to get it going. It's very much a dos game.

Now Wyrmkeep made it work for windows
I ordered it about 2 weeks ago and it came promplty! To be honest - It's just wonderful to see it again on my computer!!

My only complaint is the original art in the manual/cover/box is gone. But at least it works now!

Life is good!

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