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New issue of Tai-Pan available

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Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe #33 is available now! Tales… is the publication of the Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project, a not-for-profit founded 15 years ago to produce the best anthropomorphic art and fiction in known space.Issue #33's front cover features Abbey Del Ray, Bottles McCloud, Pops Lassaly and Byron enjoying a day at the pool, as drawn by Gary Fletcher, while the back cover features S'Kai, Iktome pilot extraordinaire, ignoring a "no hoverboards" sign as drawn by Jeff Young. The issue contains "Riding the Lady" written by Chuck Melville and illustrated by Jennifer Anderson and Sky Rigdon, "One Last Dance" written by Kristin Fontaine and illustrated by Edd Vick, and "Out of Place, chapter 6: Dark Matter" written by Gene Breshears and illustrated by Gary Fletcher.

The issue will be available soon from Rabbit Valley Comic Shop. The issue may also be ordered directly from the project. Go to the, click on Available Issues for details.


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