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Human-Rabbit Chimeral Embryos Created

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The Washington Post reports here that human-animal chimeras have recently been created by Chinese scientists. The embryos have the nuclear DNA of a human, with the mitochondrial DNA of a rabbit. It is unknown if the embryo could survive to term if implanted into a human mother.The purpose of the experiments was to provide a means for harvesting stem cells from the embryos. Scientists in the States had previously attempted mixing human cells with cow eggs, but were not successful.

The potential creation of chimeral human-animal beings has sparked much ethical debate in science, where the idea of manipulating the human genome has long been taboo.



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I am surprised this story has not drawn any comments. Am I the only one in favor of giving it a try?

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oh, i dunno, i kinda doubt your the only ***** lunatic willing to allow this insane science to continue

but dont worry , you share the company of "great" scientists

all i have to say to these people is go right ahead, keep ***** with what you have no chance of ever comprehending, and its gonna blow up in your faces.

this isnt a religious thing with me either, its a common sense thing

genetics and DNA are SO complex with so many variables you cannot possibly understand the future repercussions..which is why it shouldnt be fucked with in the first place.

science should be used to build faster computers, more powerful cars, better stereos...not better men (or any lifeform)...thats just ***** dangerous and arrogant

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Maybe I am a lunatic, but my interest in carrying the experiment to completion is precisely _because_ no one can predict the result.

Electricity? When asked what use it would be, didn't Ben Franklin reply "Of what use is a new-born baby"? During the acceptance `war' between Edison's DC system and Westinghouse's (Tesla's, actually) AC system, each accused the other of wanting to sell a terribly dangerous product.

Computers? One of the early main-frame makers publicly stated they were so expensive and of such limited usefullness, that half a dozen computers should suffice for the whole country!

I could continue, but my point is that predictions about the `big things' have always missed by miles. Science is terrifying and wonderful at the same time. Electricity, atomic power, computers, pesticides, rocketry- the list of developments is long- have indeed killed `thousands'. But they have saved `millions'- and knowing the benefits, we don't want to give them up.

Will modifying ourselves go well? At this time, no one can know! Life is a rocky and hilly road, but based on the amazing scenery along that road traveled thus far, I think there are wonders ahead- and I really want to see them!

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