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1,000 mink on the lam

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An animal-rights group has claimed responsibility for releasing about 10,000 mink from a fur farm near Seattle. Story here from CNN.



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Let's see....never hunted on their own, never exposed to diseases or virus existing in the wild, never dealt with other predators, and never ate anything but mink chow.

Oh yeah, they'll do just *fine*. The local coyotes should have a field day.

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Yeah, that's about on par with "freeing" animals from a zoo that may be the only place RESEMBLING their natural habitat left in the WORLD...

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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as opposed to the fate that awaited them ?

lick my left nad

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Either way, these mink were going to die. I suppose the previous poster prefer they suffer and starve in the wild first.

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>lick my left nad

Didn't MTV cancel Beavis & Butthead some years ago?

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wow, you must be a vegitarian. In any case, all animals die. Not every animal know's it's going to die, or for that matter accepts it. The question of empathy is: would you like to go peacefully to the pneumatic hammer, and be admired by some and argued over by others, or would you like to be hunted and at least have a chance at a slightly longer life?
Think about it...

don't forget... when malcontent, we're only human... when you're depressed, nothing can be helped... when we're angry, at least we're passionate, and when we're happy, it's not for long enough

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here we go again

as opposed to suffering in small coops, then being killed in a fucted up way and then skined
yes, i would

so seriously
my left nad, plz

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Yes, all animals die. No, I'm not a vegitarian. But I dont eat much meat- just what is needed to stay healthy.
Isnt that a bit different from raising tens of thousands of animals (which wouldnt otherwise be born), just to kill them for fashion?

As for `putting myself in the rancher's position', `a guy just trying to feed his family', and so on, it is a weak argument. By that logic, the crack cooker and heroin dealer are doing the same. We all have to make choices about what we consider `right'.

I'm not a zealot, and dont support them. I believe public discourse and education are the answer. Change minds, dont break bodies.

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Spellchecker, aisle 3!

or if that's too hard for you to understand, I'll put it into terms you can grasp:

u ned 2 lern 2 spel

Tlaren }:=8}

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Now consider just what effect 10,000 mink would have had on the local environment. Those people may have helped ease the suffering of the mink, but they sure as hell weren't thinking.

As it stands, all but 1000 were caught. Now we get to see what happens to the local wildlife if a chunk of them survive and have babies...

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I completely agree to this, and respect your position. However, what's a person of whoms passion is chemistry whose family and himself were too far in a rut to afford to send him to a good college to do about living himself? The people that make the drugs that people do aren't necessarily bad people; They simply make the supply for the demand. And, if I'm not mistaken, the money is quite worth the risk. However, the heroin dealer rarely dips into his own stash: the dealer needs the drugs to make the money. the people buying is and using it responsibly aren't necessarily bad either... And there is such thing as responsible drug use... I personally have no use for drugs, or furs. Humans will do some wierd things fur money... ahem... and for glory, or the illusion of righteousness, including ruining others enterprises, or remorseless slaughter. Breaking the law is included, those of man, and those of ethics and religion... That doesn't make the crack cooker or heroin dealer any better or worse than the zealot or the rancher. If my passion was chemistry, and didn't have a masters degree from m.i.t., or from a small community college for that matter, the job market is totally closed for me. Hence, you bet your ass I would be selling crack(at least doing something that i would enjoy) rather than working on an avenue D McDonalds... And now to the topic of fashion... Furs look good on animals that it belongs on, not 'high class' rich people (idealism is a good guise of fashion, and shows a lot about how content they are...) there is a bottom line here, on the outside, animals are beutiful, and humans, some. On the inside, humans reek of hippocrisy and animals just follow instinct. What I'm really getting at with this whole argument is most people are feeling sorry for the rancher, or the activist for getting blame for it...

I feel sorry for the minks...


don't forget... when malcontent, we're only human... when you're depressed, nothing can be helped... when we're angry, at least we're passionate, and when we're happy, it's not for long enough

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this is probably the only good point thats been made so far


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Fox News Sunday (31aug) had a short report that locals claim the mink swept thru the duck and goose populations causing "devastating" carnage.

Surely a campaign by example, education, and shame- to convince people to not wear fur (until those who want to can grow their own!)-would be better and more successful than this sort of vandalism.

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By amazing coincidence, I _do_ have a degree in (analytical) chemistry, but I was never dirt-poor. Perhaps that would have changed my way of making money, but I never made (or used) drugs or explosives, tho they would have been easy. Probably because I saw drugs and booze used in the dorm and didnt like the moaning, puking idiots they made of users. Or the messes in the one restroom everyone had to use afterwards.

Ive never lived in a ghetto, so once again, I havent been thru that sort of hard life, but I think the only thing that makes civilization possible is that most people decide against activities that obviously ruin lives.

No, I am not in favor of the highly expensive, so called "drug war". It has failed just as Prohibition did. I believe in individual responsibility. Some cant handle it (courts and jails handle them), but most can and do- even in bad places and during hard times.

I dont think you give people enuf credit for finding honest employment. From what I have seen, it is the ones who take the easy way, or believe that the End Justifies the Means, who chose to elevate themselves by crushing their fellows. In fact, that "the heroin dealer rarely dips into his own stash", shows he knows only dopes use it. His problem is that has no respect for anyone else. Is this sufficient to make up for making money? I think not.

Responsible drug use? Maybe somewhere, but Ive never seen it. Every single one was affected by it in some way- not because the drugs were so bad (as in the useless TV anti-drug PSAs)- but because they were so _good_. The desire was always there- and as soon as no one was looking...

You mentioned McD's. If I needed money, I _would_ ask if you want frys with that, and not care if my 'friends' dissed me for it. I already get that for being a fur, so what is none more?

It is all about having the confidence to be your own person, and giving others the chance to do the same.

That is the reason I neither support the ranchers nor the 'activists'. Setting an example and trying to persuade thru logic (and the occational appeal to emotion) is slower and harder, but giving those hypocrites something to think about may make them change their _own_ mind and attitude, and that is a change that lasts and spreads.

I agree with you that the fur looks best on the original owner, and by talking-up that approach, more of them will get to keep it!

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when it comes down to it, people are going to be assholes, or at least abusive in some manner. Releasing animals (an act of righteous delusion, also known as "screwing over our fellow man") and killing them in the name of fassion, are equally abusive and downright cruel. The activist(s) that released those animals were not invited nor welcome on the property they were trespassing on, and messed with someone elses source of income. If you ask me, they're nothing short of hippocites. They claim that what they're doing is right, when how they carry out those means is by stealing, prowling, burgling and breaking. On the other hand, the fur farmer has kids to feed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking sides here, but this whole situation is pretty fucked up... His source of income is how many(or few) rich people there are in the world to buy his wares, just like any other merchant. So what happens when you mix zealousy and stupidity? How would you people out there who are really passionate about this subject feel if a zealot that you didn't even know looked at you, said what you did to live(in the barest sense of the word) was evil, and then decided for you that they were going to dastardly put a stop to it? Think about that, then recalculate the hippocrite to selfless animal-rights-lover ratio, those know who they are...

don't forget... when malcontent, we're only human... when you're depressed, nothing can be helped... when we're angry, at least we're passionate, and when we're happy, it's not for long enough

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