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Snowflake, world's only known albino gorilla, dying of skin cancer

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A symbol of Barcelona and undoubtedly the most famous single animal in Spain (bulls notwithstanding) Snoflake, or Copito de Nieve, a unique albino gorilla, is dying from skin cancer. Lacking the dark skin pigment and fur of a regular gorilla, the Barcelona Zoo resident developed melanoma in 2001, but zoo vets say it's now past any stage on control and it's only a matter of months. Citizens file past to pay their respects to the 40 year old ape, who had only his usual distain for the human visitors.
"When Copito de Nieve is gone, an era of Barcelona will end."


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It's a shame, this gorilla has become the national symbol for Barcelona in Spain. When I was last there, pics of him were everywhere, even on the tram tickets.

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i wanted to see hime i found out about him 2010 and i am a child i live in wisconsin so i feel bad for the big guy he is in GBWR (guiness book of world records 2012 pg 62 and i am writeing in my notebook about him
would you know if he was born at the zoo by any chance

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I fear the story is not that pleasant. According to Wikipedia, he was:

captured outside Nko, in the Equatorial forest of Nko, near Rio Campo, in the Rio Muni region, on October 1, 1966, by Benito Mañé, an ethnic Fang farmer, who had killed the rest of his group (all charcoal black in color)

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