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Tiger confiscation in New Jersey

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In the international news, it's a straight forward story of animal abuse.Tigers Only says its a case of conflict of interest and that the rescue the animals will go to isn't as good as they are.The International Fund for Aninal Welfare (IFAW) says they're saving the animals from gross neglegence and that this is an example of why people should support their anti big cats as pets campaign.
Any way you look at it, there's a lot of sides to this story of 24 tigers.



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This story currently centers on the removal of the tigers and where they are going. But it started over two years ago when a tiger was roaming the area of TOPS and was shot by local authorities. TOPS claimed the tiger wasn't theirs, but the enclosure there was in disrepair, there were not effective records of how many cats lived there, and so the origin of the loose tiger was never proven. Meanwhile there were many deadlines set and missed for cleaning up the area and repairing the enclosures to meet specs. TOPS was licensed, but had not been inspected for many years. Much help was offered by various groups. The owner of TOPS is very secretive and recluse, and eventually lost all the appeals in licensing and in court, and the tigers were ordered removed. She could have removed them herself many times, but chose instead of stay and fight, and now has lost for the last time.

Unfortunately there are a lot of politics involved in the ultimate destination, in WAO and their objectives, in their self-appointed sanctuary association, and their money-raising methods. It's much too late now to do anything, really.

Much discussion has taken place on the felines-l list, for information on the list see

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