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Southern Tales: Furry Weekend Atlanta November Newsletter

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The official newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta
November 2003

In this issue...
- What can you do with $5?
- Calling all artists and writers!
- Speaketh!
- Hotel Update
- Dealers Den Update
- Events Update
- Banners
- FWA at MFF!#####


Furry Weekend attendees have until 1/31/04 to pre-register and lock in the low, low pre-registration rate of $35 for the convention. After that time, the only way to register will be at the door and pay the $40 registration rate. What can you do with the five dollars you save? You can buy wares in the Furry Weekend dealers den! Or snag a conbadge in the Artists' Alley! Or grab a meal in the hotel or at any of the establishments within walking distance of the hotel. Or spend it in the vending machines. Or buy a magazine. There are literally hundreds of things you can do with the five dollars that you can save just by pre-registering!

Remember, if you want to use a credit card, you MUST pre-register because Furry Weekend Atlanta will NOT be accepting credit cards for at the door registrations!



Furry Weekend needs your talent! We are seeking a logo for the convention to be features on our website, T-shirts, and convention book! We are also seeking original artwork, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for the Furry Weekend Atlanta 2004 Convention Book. More information is available at the Furry Weekend Atlanta website at



Don't forget to stay current with the buzz surrounding Furry Weekend! You can visit out message boards at the website, or sign up for the open and unmoderated mailing list. And now, announcing the Furry Weekend Atlanta Livejournal community at



The long awaited time is now at hand - Furry Weekend has completed negotiations with the hotel and has negotiated an excellent rate of $59/night - a huge drop from the normal $129/night convention rate. The block will open on Friday, November 14, 2004 and the hotel will be taking reservatons for it through January 15, 2004. Be sure you're in our block or you might have an outside room in cold February! You can make your reservations by contacting the hotel directly at 404-762-8411 and asking for the "Furry Weekend Atlanta" room rate!



The dealers den is filling quickly – much more quickly than we had anticipated! While good for our attendees, dealers may not want to wait much longer to sign up for a table. Remember, you can sign up online at the Furry Weekend website (preferred) or by mail – forms are also available at the website. Not many tables are left!



A preliminary event list has been posted to the Furry Weekend Website. Furry Weekend is proud to offer a very wide array of events for a first-year convention. We will have a wide range of tracks, including Fiction Writing, Fursuiting, Puppetry, Spirituality, Beginner’s Artwork, Life Drawing, and a special mature track to be held in the evening.

Furry Weekend will be featuring a Dealers Den that already has several large distributors signed on to attend, and an Artists Alley for artisans to practice their craft. In the evenings, attendees can look forward to TWO dances featuring the spinning of celebrated furry turntablist (and Atlanta’s own) Zim! Grab your glow sticks!

Fursuiters will find a fully-stocked fursuit lounge with BIG fans, cold drinks and a private bathroom to recover after the fursuit parade, or the masquerade, or the costume contests, or the games. Gamers will arrive to find Furry Weekend’s LAN Room and Game Rooms ready for fraggin’ action! Bring your box and hook up using either wired or wireless, or head to the Game Room for some Dance Dance Revolution and hookups for gaming consoles.

Relax and watch anthropomorphic classics in the Furry Weekend Video room, and don’t forget to join us for Friday the 13th ZombieFest, a Saturday Night showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show (audience participation encouraged), and Breakfast and Cartoons Saturday and Sunday morning. Don't forget to venture over to the Anime room and check out the latest and greatest from the Far East.



Want to give a fledgling convention a really, REALLY big hand? Just let us borrow a few pixels on your webpage for a little bit! Banners are available from and, if you don't see one that fits what you like, e-mail the webmaster and we may be able to craft one up for you!



Representatives of Furry Weekend Atlanta will be at Midwest Furfest - look for our flyers at the convention! Come ask us questions! Make us feel important!


Furry Weekend Atlanta


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