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Southern Tales: Furry Weekend Atlanta December Newsletter

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The official newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta
December 2003

In this issue...
- Deadlines Approaching!
- Dealers Den Update
- Art Show Update
- Events Update
- Con Book and Logo Contest
- Volunteers
- Speaketh!###


Procrastination - the root of all evil!

Only 45 days are remaining until pre-registration closes on January 31st, 2004, for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2004. After that time, the only way to register will be at the door for the higher price. Register now and get the low $35 rate! Remember, if you want to use a credit card, you must pre-register! Also, now is the time to get in those hotel reservations. The room block closes on January 15, 2004. Be sure to lock in the low, low $59 rate and gaurantee yourself a room with an inside exit - it's cold in February! Contact the hotel directly at 404-762-8411 to book your reservation.



Several new dealers have been added to the Dealers Den in recent days. We're proud to be welcoming Steven Addlesee, BushyCat, and Purrsia's Palace, among the dealers added over the last month! We still have a limited number of dealers tables left available for interested dealers. Contact for more information.



Space is still available at the Furry Weekend art show and only 36 days are left to get those Art Show submission forms in - by January 24, 2004! For this year, space in the art show will be FREE OF CHARGE. In exchange, Furry Weekend will take the traditional 10% of the sales of your work for acting as the display agent. Artists will have the option of retaining the profits from sales, donating them to our charity (which will be named shortly), or donating them to Furry Weekend. For more information, head on over to



Fans and Freaks: The Culture of Comics and Conventions. This extremely well-done documentary film about fan and convention culture has become a fan favorite at many conventions. Several furs have commented that it has been the only positive media piece they have ever viewed, and Tigercowboy, the director of MFM, says it has the "furry seal of approval". Furry Weekend is honored to host the makers of this terrific film, who will be showing it for us! In addition, they will be hosting a panel on Filmmaking!

And announcing that DJ Genki will also be joining DJ Zim on both nights, spinning at the Furry Weekend Atlanta dances! w00t!



We're still accepting submissions for the con book and logo contest. The deadline for con book submissions is January 5th, 2004, and submitters will be chosen by January 12th, 2004, if their submissions have been chosen.

Want a chance to help Furry Weekend, get a free admission to the convention, and see your work all over the place? The Logo Contest is still accepting submissions and will be until January 5th. The winner gets a FREE attending-level membership to Furry Weekend (a $35 value), and gets to see their work all over the place including on T-Shirts, the Con Book and more!



Furry Weekend is currently searching for some help in a number of areas during the convention. If you're interested and want to lend a paw, contact!



Don't forget to stay current with the buzz surrounding Furry Weekend! You can visit out message boards at the website, or sign up for the open and unmoderated mailing list. Also, don't miss the Furry Weekend Atlanta Livejournal community at


Y'all come on down now, ya hear?


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