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Southern Tales: Furry Weekend Atlanta January Newsletter

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The official newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta
January 2004

In this issue...
- Pre-registration deadline at hand!
- Hotel update
- Dealers den update
- Airport shuttle information
- Art Show Update
- Events Update
- Volunteers Needed!###


The deadline for pre-registering for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2004 is almost at hand! Pre-Registration closes on January 31, 2004 at 11:59PM. Pre-Registered Attending-level memberships are available at $35, Sponsoring level at $70, and God-Level Sponsoring memberships at $110. After Pre-Registration closes, the only available way to register will be at the door. Attending level at the door will be $40, Sponsoring at $75, and God-Level at $120.

Remember, if you want to pay by credit, YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER ONLINE. Save time. Save money. Pre-Register online!



Hotel rooms are still available at the $59/night room rate - the lowest of any convention! We have negotiated to have the block extended so more people will have a chance to be in our block. To book your reservations, contact the Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport-North at 1-404-762-8411. Be sure to request the "Furry Weekend Atlanta" room block.



Several dealers have been added to the ever-growing list of dealers we're happy to be welcoming for Furry Weekend 2004. The Jay'n'Kay Show, PinkFox Studios, Renaissance Wares, and Art House Distribution have all signed up since the last newsletter to deal at Furry Weekend!



The Holiday Inn will be providing the convention with FREE transportation to and from the airport 24 hours a day. When you arrive at Hartsfield Atlanta Airport, follow the signs to the Ground Transportation Center. Look for the shuttle on Row F - it should say "Holiday Inn / Crowne Plaza" on the side. For a map, go to:



The deadline for Art Show forms has passed! If you still want space, write to



Our events page has been updated with some of the events we've been working on; we're proud to be offering one of the widest ranges of events of any first-year convention. Among them, we will be offering a First Con Panel: Everyone has to start out somewhere and in this panel we will tell you your dos, don’t, and how to about conventions so that you can enjoy your stay the most.

Starting approximately 8 PM on Friday night get ready to rock out with the local band 40 Foot Furby. Donning suits and guitars, they crash their way onto the main stage in the Trinity ballroom.

The costume variety show has arrived and Flain Falcon hosts the First Annual FWA Masquerade. Set up a routine, entertain the crowd, and possibly go away with a prize. Immediately following the show will be the costume parade and photo shoot.

Electrolin wants to make you a star. Well, that is if you can somehow last through this wacked game show he has running. Contestants will need to field through strange events to try and win the game.

More and more events all the time!



Furry Weekend is currently searching for some help in a number of areas during the convention. If you're interested and want to lend a paw, contact


Furry Weekend Atlanta - It's Almost Here!!


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