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Cool fursuiters in rock video

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British techno producer Overseer (most known for soundtracks in movies like Snatch and Animatrix) has released a video 'Horndog' that contains fursuiters and actually make them look cool, sexy, good looking, and a bit dangerous. This is the best publicity I can imagine for the subculture. You can watch the full video on tne news page of this site.


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Hah, system failed on the opening movie, couldn't get through to the rest of the site.. Wonder why webmonsters program sites like this, that if their hi-tech menus fail, you can do nothing on the site at all.

For those who could see the movie, hope you likes it, I will try to find it on Kazaa.

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You're kidding, right? It makes them look like criminals.

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Well, sure -- but in the hip-hop subculture (I think that song classfies as hip-hop... I'm not really sure...) looking like a criminal is cool and sexy. I think it has a bit of a comedy quality to it too, like no one would take it seriously.

Interesting, but not surprising to me. This is the second or third video I've seen from (I think) European groups that have decided that fursuits are trippy-cool, and used them in a creative light. Of course, Europe is in some ways YEARS ahead of the US in terms of acceptance and public tolerance for odd-but-nonthreatening behavior.

I think they also particularly enjoy seeing what gives America (as a whole) the creeps and making fun of it.

...of course, I could be wrong, and they may have just seen the CSI episode and thought "Man, that's whacked! We need some of that s#!t in our next video! Fly!". (Or some such hip-hoppery...)

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I wasn't kidding. I do think that this is good publicity. Nobody is going to believe that fursuiters are running around robbing toy stores after watching the video. But next time they see or hear about fursuiters they will remember the video and connect them with party and sexy seductive girls. Also, as Brer wrote, crime is cool. At least fictive crime. Mutha! ;)

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wow... somebody poured their whole afternoon into making that video. Amazing.

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Its underground, man! Soon Madonna will pick up the trend and we will see furry videos on Mtv for weeks until she moves on and try out squaredance/xenophilia/treehugging instead.

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Personally I think this one is better:

Nothing like people breakdancing in fursuits.

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