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Yet another furry rock video

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The Californian rock band Incubus has released a video on their song 'Talk Shows on Mute' from their latest album 'A Crow Left of the Murder '.

In the video, the band are abducted by an anthro collie with a van and are brought to a furry TV show where they have to play while other humans are doing tricks to entertain the furry audience. The show is led by a hyena and three white kitty hostesses.

Watch the video.

Right now, there is a poll on Incubus homepage about the video. Go vote!



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Quite a bit more positive than the last furry rock video that made us seem dangerous. I wonder if this means we are going more mainstream, or if this is just a play on life.

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Bohooo... furriness is going mainstream. I have to find another bleeding edge fandom. ^_~

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I don't think this is intended to be "furry", but it certainly qualifies as something appealing to most furries. :)

Cute video. I liked the wuzwolf--I'd freak out too if I suddenly turned into a human... *shudder*


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Sadly I can't seem to get it to play, which isn't uncommon for me and videos alas... anyone have any suggestions by chance?

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The problem is, that's a streaming video intended only for Furs who have a woof high speed net connection.

The .asx file at the link is a meta file that redirects to the actual video that your Windows Media Player would play.

For those who access the net with woof dial-up, right click on the video link up there, and 'save as' the asx file somewhere on your machine. (It's just a few hundred bytes)

Find the file you saved, right click it and rename the .asx extension to .txt . Now look inside the text file and find the mms:// address and copy the whole long address to a stream ripper program, which will allow you to download the video, not have to stream it.

When it's finished loading you can watch woof it right from your computer. The file size for the Incubus video says 10,267,874 bytes.

Those of us on 56k, this is what we have to do, so we're not left out, woo-waaf.

An anthro Collie, I hope I hope to see a black and white Border Collie, sleek furred and ring tailed beauty......

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