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Unidentified Carolina Mammal

Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes) carries an interesting article about several sightings of a creature "fox sized, but with short brown hair and a long cat-like tail". So far, locals and experts from area zoos have been unable to identify the species of the unusual animal. The article includes a picture of the animal. Do any furries know what this elegant looking critter really is?



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My vote goes for: grey fox that lost all its fur.

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Looks like a Grey Fox Head photo shopped on the body of a deer with a cat tail tacked on.

Looks like the parts are all out of proportion especially the small head.

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Looks like a Grey Fox Head photo shopped on the body of a deer with a cat tail tacked on.

Looks like the parts are all out of proportion especially the small head.

Must be a very small deer, if the foliage in front of it is any hint. I can't see any photoshop artifacts (though a larger picture would be nice).

Re. the head, take a look at a cat after a bath some time - animal heads are quite small. This picture seems consistent with an animal that lost most of its fur, at least as far as I can tell.

Still just idle speculation until someone traps the thing or gets a much better look, of course.

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Looks like a grey fox with a bad case of mange to me. Mange would ause the hair to fall out and give a look like that.

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Aha! The rare and elusive cervidus photoshopicus!

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"First of all, this is a real newspaper, not a grocery-store tabloid. So, the story you're about to read is true."

How absolutely false.

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Looks sort of like a fossa to me, actually. Google it and check out the images. Their primary source of nutrition in the wild is lemurs.

We shouldn't be so quick to assume that we know every animal that exists or that only photoshop could create an animal that looks like a cross between a cat and a dog.

Also looks like it has been nursing recently, which would worry me more than anything else.

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It's a pony. Duh.

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there is this thing about probability: just because somethings happen A LOT more often then others, doesn't mean the less likely can't ever occur. now for the most part to me this looks like an ordinary fox, except as noted for the tail, and the somewhat unusual tallness.
many possible explanatoins occur to me. the photomanip is an obvious possibility, but by no means the only or most inevitable. diversity being the nature of existence such extremes of variation within a species are by no means unheard of, even in our own. so i wouldn't be too quick to dismiss out of hand that this simply a large and somewhat unusualy formed fox.
now if i'm not mistaken, southeastern u.s. is home to a species that has become somewhat rare in this century but is by no means extinct. the maned 'wolf', called a wolf but certainly LOOKS more like a giant fox to me. now i'm NOT saying that's what this creature is. but IF a maned 'wolf' is more in fact (i'm totaly speculating here, i don't actualy know) vulpid then canid, a successful cross mating bettween them, while perhapse unlikely, would certainly be possible. perhapse with the mutating assistence of a midlin strong source of nearby radiation.
well it may be pointless to speculate as to the actual details of its origen, but it certainly is an attractive, and as near as i can tell from the article, mostly harmless creature, so i don't see any reason not to just accept it at that and make no more of a big deal about it.
maybe someone's exotic pet got loose and successfully mated with a local ordinary fox.
it's all guess and pointless guess but i wish the creature well whatever its origen.
i don't know why people can't simply accept that we live in a wider and more diverse universe then all of our own species togather, let alone any single one of us, could ever possibly begin to immagine.
real science does not dismiss the exotic out of hand but concentrates on cataloguing what happens more often then what else and what happens more often when what else happens first.
'magic' has never stopped happening in our world, we've simply conditioned ourselves to mostly to not see it.
and by magic i mean simply the less common that owes little or nothing to the familiar.
with all the things are myopic carelessness with it is doing to our environment, it does not seem at all unlikely to me for such unusual variations to emerge, granted the overwhelming majority of mutations not being viable, but after all we would not ourselves be here if every once in a very great while one was.
so my verdict is basicly just a fox. a somewhat unusual fox. with perhapse some very unusual genetic contributions, but still basicly just a fox.

(p.s. i wish i had one living in my back yard and it would be perfectly welcome to do so if it did!)


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