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Southern Tales: Furry Weekend Atlanta July Newsletter

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The Official Newsletter of Furry Weekend Atlanta (February 11-13, 2005)
July 2004

In this issue...
1. Announcing our 2005 Guests of Honor!
2. Hotel Update
3. Pre-Registration Now Available
4. Dealers Den Open for 2004 Dealers
5. Calling All Artisans!
6. FWA at Mephit Furmeet###


Furry Weekend Atlanta is proud to announce that we have selected Jessie T. Wolf and Fel as our Guests of Honor for 2005! Both talented artists will be joining us in Atlanta for their first time as a guests of honor. Find our more at our website (



Furry Weekend Atlanta has completed negotiations with the Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport-North on our 2005 contract. We are proud to announce that we have negotiated a single / double / triple / quad rate of $62 per night for the convention, once again making FWA one of the most economical conventions of all. This is also a huge drop from the normal $129.99 per night standard rate at the hotel. Reservations can be made by contacting the hotel directly at 1-404-762-8411. Be sure to request the "FURRY WEEKEND ATLANTA" room rate.



Pre-registration has opened for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2005! The pre-registration deadline is January 28, 2005. The following memberships are available: Supporting ($15 until 1/28/05), Attending ($35 until 1/28/05, $40 at the door), Sponsoring ($70 until 1/28/05, $75 at the door), and God-Level ($110 until 1/28/05, $120 at the door).

Also, don't forget our Legacy Membership Program! If you attended Furry Weekend Atlanta 2004 and you pre-register before August 1st, you are eligible for a $5 discount on pre-registration! See our website for more information.



In 2004, Furry Weekend Atlanta packed the dealers den with over 22 tables. For 2005, we fully expect to fill up early! Right now, dealer packets have gone out to all of the 2004 dealers. General Dealers Den registration will be available beginning on August 1st, 2004.



Announcing Furry Weekend Atlanta's second annual Logo Contest! Want a chance to see your work all over the place AND receive a free God-Level membership to Furry Weekend Atlanta 2004? Now you can by designing a logo for the convention and submitting it to the Logo Contest! The winning logo will grace the cover of our Convention Book, T-Shirts, Signs and Website for the next year, and the winning artist will receive a free God-Level membership to Furry Weekend Atlanta 2005!

Information about the FWA 2005 Convention Book is now available at our website. All artists and writers are invited to submit items for publication in the convention book. Submission guidelines and a release form is available at our website. Aaand ... one submitter will be randomly selected from all entries selected for publication and will receive a free God-level Membership to Furry Weekend Atlanta 2005!



Representatives of Furry Weekend Atlanta will be at the Dealers Den in Memphis on September 3-6, 2004 selling memberships to the 2005 convention. Come say hello to us!


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