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This CNN news report about Hairboy, whose body is 96% covered with short hair, should be of interest to all those who wish that their bodies were covered with real fur.


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Anyone else remember "Dog Boy" from Radio?

I would imagine he is a close approximation.

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The article mentioned "Hairboy" averages 41 hairs per sq cm (256.25 hairs per sq in). Anyone know how that compares to animal fur densities? Or even densities on the human scalp?

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Our directive is clear. We must capture and breed Hairboy. ^o.o^

Now if only we had the females in the fandom to breed him with! Dammit, my furry eugenics plans are always wrecked by the lack of feminine presence in our community.


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Muahahaha,No need for a female when we have...Cloneing! Bu-da-ba-bum!

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