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Baen Free Library

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Baen Books now offers a selection of complete science fiction novels in electronic format for free. It is the Baen Free Library, where you can read any of the novels online or download in your choice of five different formats: HTML, MS Reader, Palm, Rocket eBook, and RTF.

The current selection includes:

  • Cross the Stars, David Drake
  • An Oblique Approach, David Drake and Eric Flint
  • In the Heart of Darkness, Eric Flint and David Drake
  • Mother of Demons, Eric Flint
  • The Forlorn, Dave Freer
  • Shanji, James C. Glass
  • On Basilisk Station, David Weber
  • The Apocalypse Troll, David Weber
  • Oath of Swords, David Weber
  • Black on Black, K. D. Wentworth

More titles are likely to be added to the library in the future, and some of those in it may be removed.

Elsewhere on Baen's website, you can find sample chapters of many of their other novels.


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On Basilisk Station is an excellent book. The Honor Harrington series is quite large, and has begun to loose some of it's edge in recent books, but the first four or five are all excellent reads. Probably enough to get you hooked to forgive the lack of polish in the most recent two offerings. If you absolutely must justify your reading by furry content; there is a cute fuzzy with teeth that tags along with Honor throughout the series. ;)

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This is what should worry people about publisher megamergers like Bertelsmann/Random House thing: no way would a company with a catalog as immense and lucrative try doing something like this.

Can anyone suggest which of these books would be good to read? I skimmed the beginnings of a few when I first read about the Baen Free Library but none immediately grabbed my interest.

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